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The Financial Planning Process

Step 1

This is the initial step of the process and is meant to help gather information and establish rapport. This exploratory meeting focuses on having the prospective client provide background information regarding their goals and financial situation.

Step 2

Investment Plan Meeting – The next step in the process is to provide the prospective client a review of their current investment portfolio and provide a proposed recommendation based on their risk profile and time horizon to meet their goals.

Step 3

At this meeting, the discussion focuses on the implementation of the investment strategy proposed at the Investment Plan Meeting. A review of the current allocation and the recommended portfolio allocation is made at this time. Information on future summary reports will also be provided.

Step 4

Wealth Management Plan Meeting– At this meeting, we review the wealth management plan. The wealth management plan focuses on four areas: Tax Management, Estate Plan Review, Insurance Review, and Charitable Planning & Gifting. At this meeting, an action list is prepared for ongoing review.

Step 5

Annual Review – An annual review of ongoing action items is done to confirm the completion of these action items, and to track the progress towards the client’s financial goals.

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